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At EASTSIDE, we aim to help everyone get closer to their fitness and fighting goals. We believe in no egos, mutual respect, and good vibes only!

We are strong believers in teamwork, and we all support each other no matter the skill level of each individual.

We aim to teach traditional techniques as well as getting you fit and feeling amazing! At our gym we teach Muay Thai, Boxing and Strength and Conditioning. We are proud to offer 34 weekly classes, designed to offer flexibility to our members with early morning classes, lunchtime classes and late afternoon classes.




An intensive, full body workout that will burn plenty of calories. Plus, you will learn the fundamentals of traditional Muay Thai incorporating punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinching. In this class you will be doing some pad work, bag work, drills, techniques and conditioning. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced.


Another full body workout, learning the basics of boxing including foot work, attack and defence drills, pad work and bag work. This is a great way to improve your balance, co-ordination, overall fitness and your confidence.


A form of training, common to many combat sports. Plus, it is the best way to apply the drills and techniques taught in our classes, in a supervised and safe environment, with all protective gear required.


Our kids class consists of warm-up activities, skipping, assisted shadow boxing, techniques, partner drills, pad work and some fun games to improve coordination, reaction skills and overall fitness. Suitable for kids aged 5-12 years old.


This class is designed to shed that excess fat, while building strength and endurance. It includes cardio training, power and bodyweight exercises for a complete workout.



Muay Thai & Boxing Coach

Australian Pro Muay Thai and K1 Champion and Amateur WKBF World Champion.
Cruz Briggs grew up in Maroubra and is a true local. He started Muay Thai at 15 and had his first fight at 16. Since then he has won multiple titles such as Amateur World Title, and multiple professional Australian Titles, and he is still currently competing.

Cruz was nominated for Male Pro fighter of the year and knockout of the year in 2018. He has been coaching for the past 8 years and found a passion in sharing his knowledge with beginners and pro fighters.

He was trained in Thailand by some of the best trainers in the world at Sitsongpeenong (Revolution Gym Phuket) for 9 months and has fought in Thailand, Japan, NZ and Australia.


Muay Thai & Boxing Coach

NSW Muay Thai Champion.
Harris grew up locally, in Bondi. He started Muay Thai at 18 and had his first fight at the age of 19. He has an exceptional track record with 8 fights and 6 wins, and there’s more to come!

“What I really like about coaching is the ability to help my students through their progression, from increased confidence to improved technique, skills and fitness.


Muay Thai Coach

WMC World Champion & WPMF World Champion.

Trained K-1 Max World Champion – Noiri Masaaki

Yodvisanu grew up in Thailand and started Muay Thai at 9 years of age. He has more than 30 years’ experience in Muay Thai and won his first fight at 9 years old. Since then he has had more than 200 professional fights, across the world including Thailand, Japan, Italy, Australia, France, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Muay Thai & Boxing Coach

Gabriel is a martial artist and fire performer with 10 years of training and 6 years coaching experience. Starting his fighting career on the amateur boxing circuit in Melbourne he quickly fell in love with combat sports, after discovering Muay Thai his passion has only grown and is now dedicated to the sport.

Gabriel looks to continue his journey with success and to pass on the knowledge he has gained with his fellow team mates and the next generation!


Strength & Conditioning Coach

James is a qualified Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer with over a decade of extensive research, experimentation and experience. He has a huge passion for multiple styles of training as well as researching human anatomy and learning how it works.

Throughout the years he has worked with some of the best professionals in this space, allowing him to take onboard what he feels necessary and beneficial.

James has experience in a competitive body building environment and is transferring these skills into martial arts.

“My goal is to transfer as much knowledge as possible throughout my sessions and provide you with the confidence to carry you through all aspects of your life.”



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Unlimited access to all classes


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Unlimited access to all classes


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